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‘IT’ is All Evolving at Coevolve IT Ltd!

If you think information technology in your business is a dark art to be left quietly running in the background, then think again!  Paul Marrow of Coevolve IT Ltd, knows his ‘ones’ from his ‘zeros’ and can certainly provide your business with a digital health-check to boost your business performance.  But how did it all start for Paul?

Having worked his way up the academic ladder, he honed and developed his digital and analytical skills by capitalising on his knowledge of applied mathematics, advanced computing, statistical applications, telecoms, innovation and funding applications.  Also, working in academia gave him extensive experience of working with small businesses.  So, when the academic work dried up, Paul saw the chance of using his wealth of IT knowledge, experience and business connections to start Coevolve IT Ltd.

So, what does Coevolve IT Ltd do?  In essence, it’s a central access point offering 3 different services that can ‘coevolve’ together.  These are (i) the provision of an in-depth digital health-check on how your business can use data analysis and artificial intelligence, (ii) support in preparation of bids for funding and (iii) offering networking opportunities for businesses that are looking for cooperation.

If lockdown has shown us anything, it has highlighted the need for organisations (such as in the healthcare sector, for example) to find digital solutions to their issues. However, Paul is not limited to any particular sector – if your business thrives on data and needs to manage and analyse this more effectively, then Coevolve IT Ltd could be just what the doctor ordered!  It is all about helping small businesses use information technology and intelligence to further their growth aspirations and develop a best practice model.

And Paul has his own plans for future growth.  As his business ‘evolves,’ he would eventually like to employ someone to support him with admin and marketing, thus freeing him up to network with businesses and to continue to provide digital solutions to the benefit of his clients.

And what words of advice does Paul have for budding entrepreneurs?  He responds: “Before carrying out any action to start a business, carry out as much market research as possible. Once you have started your business, the time for further investigating your market can disappear rapidly.”

And how did Enterprise Hub help Paul?  He replies: “The Enterprise Hub has helped me through one-to-one discussions and webinars on key topics relating to starting up and running a small including business planning and marketing strategies.” Paul continues: “The Enterprise Hub is a great resource for new start-ups because the advisors provide viewpoints on business operations that make you question your assumptions, whilst also giving examples of routes to business success that you haven’t considered.”

If your business could do with a ‘digital health-check,’ then you can contact Paul at Coevolve IT Ltd via e-mail:; Phone: 07585 736631; Web:; LinkedIn:  or Twitter: @coevolve_it


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