JourneyMEN CIC

How it all began

While wandering the Wirral on his beat, Phil noticed a growing problem in his community. Daily, he would see the consequences of a flawed mental health system, dealing with men in need of counselling, not a night in a cell. He knew excellent support was out there; unfortunately, the means to connect the two did not. Growing tired of the lack of provisions in place, Phil refused to be a bystander any longer and began to take an active role in getting help to those that needed it most.

Joining Wirral’s Early Help Team in 2018, he began engaging with his contacts and mental health organisations, helping them come together to form an early intervention “Mental Health Umbrella”.

How the Enterprise Hub helped

Empowered by his success, Phil wanted to push further but was unsure of how to proceed.

“One important piece of advice is to surround yourself with the right people as you cannot do everything yourself.”

Phil reached out to Enterprise Hub, a business start-up support programme headed by Merseyside’s The Women’s Organisation. With the help of Enterprise Hub partners, Wirral Chamber, Phil arranged an open day for local organisations and potential beneficiaries. The response was overwhelming and with the support garnered, JourneyMEN CIC was formed.

What is JourneyMEN CIC?

Offering various forms of counselling and a tailored ‘journey plan’ for each individual, JourneyMEN CIC provides stability for men who need it. From social interaction, right down to training to improve employability, JourneyMEN CIC provides its members with the tools and life skills required for success in the wider world. 

One of Phil’s proudest achievements is his ‘floating counselling’ facility;a narrowboat social event where members can kick back on a relaxing canal ride, make friends and earn a skipping qualification as a bonus. 

The future

Despite the massive success of JournyMEN CIC, Phil knows there is still work to be done. As of now, he is exploring funding options for his latest venture, a dedicated safe space for like-minded men to network and participate in organised activities, what he has coined a ‘man cave’. As his business continues to grow, Phil is forever grateful for Enterprise Hub’s advice and support.

“Enterprise Hub and Community Action Wirral are worth their weight in gold so get in touch with them! … without their help, JourneyMEN CIC would not have happened.”